Marketing for Small Business During the COVID-19 Crisis


Laurie presented this webinar on 5/5/21 for the SBDC/Central Library's Business First Wednesday series. This webinar shares marketing tips on how to market your business during COVID-19 and come out stronger!

Ways to Use Social Media


How does your business use social media? Listen, talk, build your brand awareness and support your customers using social media for your small business.

Cause Marketing


Learn what cause marketing is and how your business can benefit. 

Brand Strategy   


Learn about two components of brand strategy so you can build a strong brand for your small business.


How to Use Social Media the "Right Way" During the Covid-19 Crisis


Laurie presented this webinar on 5/6/20 for the SBDC/Central Library on how to use social media the 'right way' during the Covid-19 crisis and how to position your business for success when we are able to reopen.

Marketing Plan


Learn the four essential topics that must be covered in your marketing plan before you move forward with any marketing activities. 

Launching a Social Media Campaign


Some tips for launching a successful social media campaign.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?


Recent changes made by Google nessitate you having a mobile friendly website to come in high is search rankings. 

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