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How to Be a Star on LinkedIn

April 10, 2018


Today’s LinkedIn is more than a place to find a job. LinkedIn is the world’s only professional social media platform. It’s a place to meet clients and even find potential hires for your small business. LinkedIn has also become a great platform for learning, sharing what you’re up to, and networking with people in your industry. And, it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to be on this social media platform.


Create a professional personal profile page


The foundation of LinkedIn is your personal profile. This is where people get their first look at you, who you are, and what you do. They can read about where you work, what your goals are, where you went to school and much more.


Tailor your profile to your audience. If you are a small business owner, know that people search for what you do will not be searching for the title ‘owner’ or ‘president.’ Make sure your LinkedIn title is what people will be searching for when looking for your services. My title, even though I co-own Blue Lilac Marketing, is ‘Marketing Consultant’ because that is what my potential clients are searching for.


Use a professional photo


No one wants to hire the grey anonymous person that shows up on a LinkedIn profile that hasn’t added a picture. So, take the time and spend the money on getting a professional headshot taken. You don’t want to use a picture your bestie took while on vacation. This image of you should be professional and likable.  This photo could make all the difference in helping you land that next great client.


Nail the summary


A killer summary is a must-have on your LinkedIn profile. This overview of you should cover who you are, what your small business does, what skills you bring to your business, and have a clear call to action. What do you want the person reading your summary to do?


Write your summary in the first person so you come across as personable and approachable. You can add content like videos, PDFs, and even news articles about you and your company. Take advantage of this ability to add more to your profile!


Link to your website


Someone reading your profile might want more information about your company. Include a link to your website on your profile in your summary.


Create a business page


Showcase your small business on LinkedIn. Like the Facebook page for businesses, you can create a page for your business on LinkedIn.


Post regularly


Post blogs about your products or services on LinkedIn. Include images. This is a great place to post those blogs you’re writing for your website’s blog page.





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