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Your potential customers want to know about you so having a well-written bio in the About section of your website will help them get to know you better.

Don’t limit your bio to just your website’s About page. Use it on your social media platforms so your fans can learn more about you too.

Don’t let creating this personal description be daunting. Below we’ll share what you should include in your bio.

What is a bio?

A bio is a paragraph or two in which you introduce yourself.

Your bio can be a mix of your professional achievements and personal interests. Or, you can just highlight your professional life. It all depends on your audience and goals.

Elements of your bio might include:

· Job title and workplace

· College degree and other certifications

· Skills and expertise

· Interests and hobbies

The goal for your bio is to provide a picture of who you are for the reader.

How to write a short bio

The most effective bios are both professional and concise. A good rule is to keep each element of your bio to about 1-2 sentences. This way you won’t write too much and scare away readers with too much text.

Here are the steps for writing that great bio for your website.

Introduce yourself

State your first and last name at the start of your bio. If you’re writing in the third person, these should be the first two words of the paragraph. Using your name makes it easy for your readers to remember you.

State your business’ name

For a professional bio, mention your company name immediately after your name. For example, Dave Smith is the founder and president of XYZ Company.

Explain your professional role

Let your readers know what your job entails. If you’re the president of a company and the only employee, let your audience know that when they hire your company, they will work directly with you.

Include any professional achievements

Have you won any awards or been recognized for your work? This is the place to brag about it.

Mention personal interests

Touch on what you do in your spare time. People like to do business with people that have shared interests. If you’re a runner, let your audience know. You may get a new client who shares your passion for 5k’s!

Use your bio to draw people to your passion for what you do.

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