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Creating a social media calendar sounds like a lot of work and, at first, it is. But it will pay you back in the future, honestly.

Let’s take a look at why you should have a social media calendar.

Why use a social media calendar?

Having a social media calendar allows you to plan what your messages will be on each of your social platforms. You can batch your work and avoid missing out on posting that important post. It also gives you a place to note all your creative ideas for later use.

Be Consistent

A calendar helps you to post consistently. By looking at your calendar, you can see what days you are posting and what days you are not. Bu populating your social media calendar with posts ahead of time, you can post consistently whether you’re busy or not.

Avoid Typos

A social media calendar also allows you to review your posts before they go live. This will reduce your typos and grammatical errors because you’re not posting on the fly.

Social Strategy

A social media calendar also allows you to have a social strategy in place and to follow it. Are you planning a contest? Will you be purchasing ads on a platform? What messaging is important to your business now? Planning ahead and being organized will take your social game to the next level.

Don’t Miss Relevant Moments

When you have a social media calendar, you don’t miss out on fun holidays that are relevant to your brand’s audience. If you’re a travel agent, a post about picnicking on the Eiffel Tower’s lawn (with an image of picnickers there) will be perfect for International National Picnic Day, which by the way is June 18.

When you have your day-to-day schedule covered, if something comes up, you can easily post in that moment.

When you plan your posts, you have time to give thought to what you want to say. Your content is more creative and supports your marketing goals when you use your brand’s voice. Planning ahead allows you to do it right.

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