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Today’s consumers want more from a brand than a pretty logo and top-quality offerings – they want to know why your brand does what it does and what it stands for.

A brand manifesto answers these consumer questions.

What is a brand manifesto?

A brand manifesto is a written statement that publicly explains the motivation behind your brand. It declares your views, motives, and intentions.

It’s also a call-to-action inspiring others to unite around a shared cause. It’s this specific actionability that makes the manifesto different from, say, a mission or values statement.

Why a brand manifesto is important for your business

The driving force behind a brand manifesto is taking action and standing for something bigger than your brand. Consumers seek out businesses that uphold the same personal values and beliefs. They are drawn to brands that share their values and causes. Brands can also connect with like-minded business partners and attract dedicated employees with a brand manifesto.

How to write a brand manifesto

Keep in mind that your brand manifesto is not the same thing as your mission statement, vision statement, or values.

Answer the following questions to get the main talking points of your brand manifesto:

· What is your larger purpose in this world?

· What do you believe in and stand for?

· Why do you do what you do?

· What are your mission’s goals?

· Can you achieve your mission on your own?

The next step is to start writing. You want the end product to look and feel like a speech you might give at a conference. Show your audience how your brand is contributing to something more than its bottom line.

Remember to maintain the same tone and carry your brand voice throughout your manifesto. Branding consistency is key in everything you do for your business.

Are you ready to share your ‘why’ with the world?

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