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Some things never go out of style. In marketing, evergreen content allows your website to stay relevant longer and it can help boost traffic to your website.

What is evergreen content?

Just like the evergreen trees whose foliage remains green all year long, evergreen content never gets stale. This type of content remains fresh and relevant to your audience because the topics are timeless.

Incorporate evergreen content on your website

Evergreen content can live in many places on your website. It can be information on a web page or it can be blogs. Just remember the content must be forever relevant to your business.

Evergreen blogs

Blogging about current issues in your industry or new changes to a technology are not considered evergreen.

If you’re looking to write evergreen blogs, consider writing how-to articles, guides, or step-by-step instructions. These tutorial articles are helpful to your readers and often give actionable tasks. You can also share a list of tips and advice you’ve learned through your time in your industry.

An evergreen blog post, when done well, can become an online reference point. People will go back to it again and again.

Best practices for writing evergreen content

When looking to write your evergreen content blog, think about what will make your business stand out and attract your target audience.

Use easy to follow language. Avoid technical jargon in your blog so readers that aren’t as immersed in the industry as you are can easily understand what you’re writing about.

In addition to using easy to follow language, don’t use language that is too timely. Refrain from using phrases like two hours ago, earlier this month, or today since they give your blog an expiration date.

Optimize your blog for SEO (search engine optimization). Include your keywords naturally in your blog content. They should flow and be part of the natural intention of your sentences. Using your keywords helps your blog be found in online searches.

Update your evergreen content

Your content needs some regular maintenance to stay ‘green’ over time. Every once in a while, check the performance of your older pieces to make sure the content feels relevant and reflects your business. You can definitely update older posts and web pages by adding links or just a quick polish to refresh them. Updating you content is not only valuable to your readers, but it also signals Google’s algorithm that you’ve updated your page or blog. This can result in higher search rankings.

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