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Public relations, also known as PR, is marketing that involves managing the way the media represents your business.

As a business, you would send out a press release – an official statement about a newsworthy item or event – to encourage the media to publish the content or show up for your event to cover it on television news.

What is newsworthy?

We tell our clients anything can be considered ‘newsworthy.’ Do you have new hires? Send out a press release introducing your new employees. Are you launching a new product or service? Did you raise a large charitable contribution? Did you land a big client? All of these can be press releases.

Getting your name in print or on television can help stimulate demand for your products or services.

What if your press releases aren’t picked up?

Not having your press release printed happens more times than having it printed. We recommend having a “News” page on your website. Post all your press releases there. Your readers won’t know if they didn’t get published or not. This just shows your audience that you are actively marketing your business.

Get you name out in the media through press releases. Hire a competent PR firm to assist you in this effort. They have the media contacts to get your releases the attention they deserve.

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