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We’re all trying to capture the attention of our clients and potential clients on social media.

Even though each social media platform has different algorithms allowing your posts to be seen, one factor that is high on the list with each platform is engagement.

What is social media engagement?

Engagement on social media is how much users are excited to interact with your posts. Do they share your posts? Do they save or bookmark your post so they can refer back to it? Do they comment on it?

What types of posts boost engagement?

There are several types of posts that help increase your engagement.

Question posts – Ask your followers a question. Who doesn’t like to share their opinion! Allow your fans to ask you questions too. They want to know more about you!

Quotes – Some quotes will resonate with your followers. They might bookmark or share these quote posts. Quotes often do well in terms of comments and saves.

Polls – Similar to a question post, a poll is asking an opinion. Your poll can be as simple as polling for a favorite coffee flavor to asking for help choosing your new logo.

Countdowns – Are you launching a new product? Are you holding an event? Use your posts to countdown to the actual launch/event date. You are building excitement and generating interest online with countdown posts.

Contest – Hold a drawing on your social media. How do people enter? They share your post! You are notified whenever a post is shared, so this is where you collect the names for your prize drawing. Who doesn’t like to win something?

Which posts will you be integrating into your social media to boost your engagement?

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