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As a small business owner, you started your business with a great idea and marketed it to an audience you targeted.

As businesses evolve, you may find you’ve added new products or services. Or, surprise, surprise, your original business product or service is a big hit in a market you hadn’t even thought about.

If you’ve been successfully marketing to your current audience, continue what you’re doing. But, now is the time to focus on this new market. Don’t waste money and time using the ‘same-old, same-old’ marketing on this new audience.

Do your homework

Educate yourself about who your new audience is, what their needs and problems are, and how differently you’re planning on approaching them.

Create a plan

Get specific and target only the audience that falls into your new target market. Again, don’t waste your time and marketing dollars by ‘marketing by shotgun’ – shooting and hoping to hit something.

When you reach the right market, they will see how relevant your products or services are to their needs.

Expanding into another marketplace shouldn’t be scary. You’ve done it before when you started your business. It takes time but with the right plan in place, you will attract your target audience’s attention.

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