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A well-written business plan is essential for any business, especially when pitching to potential investors.

Here is an outline that can help you create a business plan that is not only concise but highlights information that is critical for both internal and external stakeholders.

Executive summary

This should include your business name and location, a description of products and services offered, and your mission statement and vision statement.

Know your audience

Clearly define your audience and how you plan to get and keep customers engaged.

Business description

In this section, describe your business and share short- and long-term goals.

Define your market

Identify all the market factors that could impact your business, including demographics, growth opportunities, and potential competition.

Describe business operations

Pinpoint the type and cost of needed equipment, the production process, and key staff members.

Marketing and promotion tactics

Here is where you share your marketing plan and the promotional tactics that you will use to help you reach your goals.

Create a budget plan

Share your financial history, cash flow, and profit-loss statements and establish budget goals and a blueprint going forward.


In this section, recap the key points you have outlined in your business plan.

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