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The fonts you use in your messages should compliment your message, not distract from it. Fonts are extremely important when you are building a website or creating an image for a blog or a social media post.

If you’ve looked at fonts, there are so many to choose from. Which one is the right one to use? There are some basic things you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect font for your message.

Less is better

Don’t use too many fonts in your message. The fewer, the better. Too many different fonts can confuse your reader and turn them off.

You can use two different but complimentary fonts to enforce your message. Just make sure there is plenty of space between the contrasting fonts.

Avoid conflicting fonts

When you do decide to use two different fonts, play with them to see if they work together. Sometimes two fonts can look awkward near each other. Avoid using fonts like these together because your image or webpage will look messy. Fonts can often contrast but should not conflict with each other.

Use contrast

Create some contrast in your image or on your webpage. Contrast can be created by using different size fonts, different colors, and by spacing the fonts. Experiment with the contrast, the words, and the image to see if it all works well together.

Play it safe

You can play it safe by using fonts from the same font family. It’s hard to go wrong by using this design method.

Use industry specific fonts

There are online guides that speak to the type of fonts most often used in industries and that are appropriate for each industry. Check them out and they can help you choose the fonts that you should be using.

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