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It takes a special person to strike out on their own by starting a business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy…but most things worth having aren’t easy. Here are some tips to help the new entrepreneur navigate their launch.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Know your mission and execute on that mission every day. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get bogged down in logistical details: contracts, lawyers and bank accounts. Staying focused on your business idea and mission reminds you why you started your business.

Be ruthlessly realistic about finances

Most startups take 2 years before they start seeing a profit. Budget your startup funds to keep you going during this period.

Be ruthlessly realistic about scope

Start small and realize you’re not going to be a national brand tomorrow! Set attainable goals for your business.

Differentiate between goals and tasks

Goals are big; tasks are small.

Create a list of concrete tasks. Do not consider something like ‘develop a creative marketing plan’ a task; that’s a goal. Tasks make up one larger goal.

If you set unattainable tasks, you can’t check things off your to-do list. You’ll feel like you’re never accomplishing anything…because you’re not. Small manageable tasks get done and then your goals are reached.

Hire people

Hire people who are experts in areas that you’re not. Like a web developer to design the perfect website for you. Or the marketing firm to help with your PR launch or social media.

These people will keep you on track and force you to define your brand.

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