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A good logo is the foundation of a brand’s identity. The best logo designs are simple. They define the brand and provide a recognizable visual reference, and they don’t attempt to describe services or sell products.

A logo should tell the viewer what the company stands for. This means that the graphics used in creating the logo matter.

Text-only Logos

Text-only logos can be simple and effective. Look at FedEx’s logo. It’s simple, colorful and easily recognizable. It subtly tells the viewer what it does through the negative space between the “E” and the “x” which forms a hidden arrow.

Graphic Icon Logos

Simple design and icon graphics can be a great foundation for a good logo. Consider the Olympic Rings. It’s an instantly recognizable logo. It’s also pretty simple.

There is a deeper symbolism behind every element of the Olympic logo. The interlocked rings represent unity between disparate continents and the colors are chosen specifically because they represent the colors in nearly every participating nation’s flag. But you don’t need to know these details to see these rings and instantly think of the Olympics.

Your Logo

Finding an effective, stand-out logo for your business can be challenging. Using a professional graphic designer can make it easier. They will work with you to create a logo that will serve as a foundation for your brand. Your unique aesthetic, the mission of your company, and your vision should absolutely make a mark on the logo that is created for you. When working with a graphic designer, remember your logo goal is to create something that is unique, simple, and focused on your brand.

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