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How does Facebook rank your Business Page? Small business owners that we talk to are often confused about whether their audience is seeing their Business Page and all their wonderful posts.

Facebook looks at several factors when determining how often your posts are seen and who will see them.

How long active

Facebook looks at how long your page has been active on Facebook. The longer the better, but don’t worry if you’re a new business. If you’re doing the next few points well, you’ll be fine.

Engage followers

How engaged are your followers? Facebook looks at the percentage of your followers engaging with your posts and Page. Engaged fans equals higher ranking by Facebook.

How do you increase engagement? Create inspiring, interesting, or funny posts. These are the types of posts your fans will ‘Like’ and want to share.

Be consistent

Facebook also ranks your Business Page by how often you post. Pick a schedule and stick to it. Post at the same time on your scheduled days. Not only will Facebook rank your page higher, but your fans will appreciate knowing that they can find something new shared by you on those days and times.

Be responsive

Another factor that Facebook uses for ranking is how actively your page engages with followers. If someone comments on a post, respond, even if it’s just to say ‘thank you.’ This is huge for Facebook and it’s the ‘social’ part of social media!

Are you doing all you can to ensure your Facebook Business Page ranks well?

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