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Now Is the Time to Go Digital!

It’s more important than ever that your business have an online presence now. A good website and a strong social media strategy will keep your business going if not growing.

As business owners, this pandemic is offering us unprecedented access to a captive audience. Your ideal potential customers are actively engaging on social media nearly round the clock. Time spent on Facebook alone is up 70%.


With the ‘Stay Home’ order in place, brick and mortar stores are feeling the pinch. In fact, your store is closed. How do you stay afloat until the ban is lifted?

If your business sells products, you need an e-commerce website. This will allow people to shop and purchase directly from your site, just like they would in your store.

I know many small business owners use Facebook and other social media platforms during normal times to reach potential customers. They share information about new products and upcoming sales. That’s not enough today. Your customers need a place to shop and to place orders.

We understand that having a website built is a costly investment in your business. And money is tight right now. But it will get worse before it gets better and making this type of investment in your business now can probably keep you going until the world returns to normal.

Social Media

So many small businesses use social media to reach out to their customers, but they don’t have a strategy in place. There are so many benefits to having a social media strategy working for you.

A good social media strategy can increase your brand awareness and keep your business top of mind. Especially now, you want more people aware of your business and you want them thinking about your business too.

A strategy will drive traffic to your website. This will get more eyes on your actual products and increase online sales.

If your small business wants to compete during this crisis, reach out to us at Blue Lilac Marketing. We’re here to help you survive and thrive!

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