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You’ve accumulated a mailing list. Now, what do you with it?

Your mailing list is your target audience and they’ve already shown interest in your product or service and are looking to find out more. Send them a newsletter!

Make sure your newsletter delivers truly valuable information to your audience. Send out content that is relevant – not spammy. In communicating your engaging message, the design of your newsletter plays a key role.

Here are some tips for creating a professional-looking newsletter.

Brand correctly

Your newsletter should be easily recognizable by your audience; that it’s coming from you. Your logo, color scheme, and the right tone of voice will remind people of your brand.

Live text

Don’t just use great images in your newsletter. Write out your content instead of including it as flat part of an image. This will allow people who have disabled images on their email account to still read your content.

Include a Call-to-Action

What do you want your readers to do? Schedule an appointment? Visit your website? Stop into your store to shop? Tell them what you want them to do!

Create an interesting subject line

You want your audience to click on and open your newsletter. You need to grab their attention with an enticing subject line. By intriguing your audience to learn more, you’ll boost your open rates.

Are you ready to send out your next newsletter?

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