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Marketing, when done right, will increase your sales. Many small business owners throw money away on ‘bad marketing.’ Don’t waste your time and, more importantly, your money on bad marketing.

Here are some good marketing tips that you can implement to boost your sales.

Listen to your customers

Paying attention to your customer feedback is crucial to increasing your sales.

Before you start selling your product or service, you need to know what your customers like, what they care about, and what their pain points, or problems, are.

You’ll find out all of this information by listening to your customers and potential customers. Don’t do all the talking when meeting with customers. Your listening skills are critical in knowing your customers and what they really want and need.

What is the benefit?

How does your product or service benefit your customer? Is your product or service better than what is currently available?

Demonstrate the benefits of your product or service to your customers and potential customers.

Measure results

When implementing any marketing campaigns, you must keep track of how your marketing efforts are doing. Track the number and dollar amount of sales coming from each of your marketing efforts. These efforts can be an email campaign, social media posts, or running an ad in a newspaper.

By measuring your results, you’ll be able to determine which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Do away with the ones that aren’t bringing in sales. Invest those marketing dollars into the efforts that are working for you.

As a small business owner, it can be tempting to try a many different ways to market your business. Our advice is to try one or two at a time, measure your results after a quarter, and determine what is working. Don’t set up marketing efforts and keep tossing money at them, hoping they will work!

Need help with your small business marketing? Contact Blue Lilac Marketing Group for the professional marketing advice and assistance you require!

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