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Are you holding an event or launching a product in the near future? You probably already have your messaging content planned for social media and maybe even prepared some email blasts. But to you have a plan for the visual space on your social media channels?

There is very valuable real estate on each social media channel and you should take advantage of these areas to promote your upcoming event.

Here are some of the most overlooked areas of your social media and how to make the most of your event promotion on them.

Cover Photo

Many businesses rarely update their cover photos. But think about it, your cover photo is one of the first things people see when they visit your page.

If you’re promoting an upcoming event, a new product, or even a special sale, your cover image is the perfect place to highlight this promotion.

Pinned Posts

Did you know you can pin posts to the top of your page on both Facebook and Twitter? When you pin a post to the top of your page, you guarantee it will be seen first by your visitors.

Take advantage of this space and pin a post about your upcoming event or product launch to the top of your page.

Customized Visuals

Pictures may not be a piece of social media real estate, but this is a tip worth sharing. Create customized images for your launch or event. It is a great idea that will help increase engagement with your audience. Remember to add your company logo to the images to help with your branding.

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