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Google, the world’s largest search engine, has updated its search guidelines. You need to create content that Google likes. To do this, you must follow Google EAT!

What is Google EAT?

EAT stands for three important criteria that Google uses when evaluating your website.

1. Expertise

2. Authority

3. Trustworthiness

If your business is looking to attract more traffic to your website, you will have to follow Google’s EAT guidelines.

Understanding Google EAT

EAT is one of the metrics that Google uses to access the quality of a website. What is Google looking for in each category?

1. Expertise

Google likes to see the proof on your website that you are truly an expert in your field.

2. Authority

Authority takes expertise a step further. You may have a lot of high-quality content on your website, but Google is looking for ways to determine if other people actually value that content.

Ultimately, Google wants to showcase websites with recognized authority in their field.

3. Trustworthiness

It’s important that Google views you and your website as trustworthy. This means they will reward content they believe is accurate, true, and honest.

Following Google EAT is really important for websites that deal with issues like health, finances, safety. These sites are nicknames YMML (‘your money and your life’) because the right results really matter to users, with sometimes life-or-death stakes. Google is much more critical of YMML sites than any others.

Why is EAT Important for SEO?

Google’s goal is to be the best search engine. Yes, they have competition, but they dominate internet search with over 92% of all internet searches.

To reach their goal, Google has to consistently show the best results for whatever keyword search someone happens to be searching for. Google wants to make sure they are delivering search results that answer their user’s query with high-quality content. That’s the ‘high-quality content’ piece of EAT.

Luckily for business owners, EAT merges with what should already be important elements of your brand.

To be a successful business, you must position yourself as a trustworthy, authoritative expert. The more great content you create, that both your audience and Google like, the better your website will perform in searches.

So how do you create high-quality content that Google likes? Think about the EAT of your website and let that drive your content, branding, and marketing decisions.

Improve Your EAT

You can improve your EAT ratings by using the following tips:

- Do a keyword search to ensure you’re providing the exact content your audience is searching for

- Become an expert by being active on social media, blogging on your website, and writing guest blogs on other sites

- Include testimonials and reviews on your website

- Make sure your business contact information is easy to find. Include a company history, team bios, and a user-friendly Contact page

- Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors on your website. Also, make sure there are no broken links or factual errors.

Your website should make it clear to visitors, and Google, who you are, what your business is all about, and why you are an expert in your field.

Content is king so be sure to put out quality content in your blog posts.

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