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Are you struggling with what to post on Instagram?

Instagram is a great place to promote your brand. Great posts not only promote your brand but engage your followers.

You can’t just post a video or picture. You need to be different and offer unique content to capture new followers and keep current followers engaged.

With over 95 million pictures and videos posted every day on Instagram, it can be difficult to stand out.

Here are some creative Instagram post ideas that you can immediately implement into your social media marketing.

Ask a question

This is really simple but so many people don’t think to use this opportunity to have your followers share their thoughts. You might even get some awesome content for future posts.

Show a tutorial

Instagram is the perfect spot to promote your brand with a tutorial video. Share a quick video of tips or how-tos. These types of videos do well on social media.

Great digital marketing provides viewers and readers with valuable, engaging content. That’s why tutorials or how-tos crush it on social media.

Go behind the scenes

Humanize your brand by showing your followers what goes on in your office. By letting your followers in, you allow them to emotionally invest in your company.

Show how fun your office can be. Highlight new employees. Share pics of your office pet too. Who doesn’t like to see a cat sleeping on your keyboard or a dog greeting visitors.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

An AMA is a great way to engage with your followers. You can share thought leadership on your industry, set yourself up as a thought-leader, and build engagement.

How to post an AMA? Create a post asking for questions from your followers and start answering them in the comments below. Even though your followers can ask anything, you don’t have to answer everything.

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