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Blogging is a fabulous way to be seen as an expert in your industry. Adding new blogs to your website on a regular basis helps raise your site in search rankings (so awesome!).

Here’s how to start blogging to promote your business, increase brand awareness and be the industry expert.

Brainstorm topics

Before you start writing, sit down and make a list of topics that you can write about. What’s happening in your industry? What services or products do you offer? Share details about your services or products.

Write your blog

Start by outlining your main points. It helps to have a clear idea of what you want your post to be about.

Use headers and subheaders to break up your content into organized, bite-sized chunks. Make bulleted notes of your main points in each section. This is the skeleton of your blog post. Now you just write this information out in a way that makes sense.

Start with an introduction to grab your readers’ attention. This can be a compelling quote, statistic, or an interesting fact.

Write the body of your blog using your outline as a guide. This is where you share your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Finally, wrap up the post with a concluding section. Not every blog includes or needs this final bit, but it’s a nice way to tie your ideas together and share your closing thoughts.

Create a strong blog title that makes your audience want to read your blog. To make your blog titles catch and compelling, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What interests and excites them?

Use images

Your blog needs an image to accompany it. The image you use should have something to do with your blog. Don’t use a picture of a cute dog if your blog is about baking macaroons.

You can also insert images into your blog post. Be sure they convey your main points and highlight important examples in the post.


Once you’ve finished writing your blog, take some time to edit it. Reread it a few times. Run spell check to make sure there are no misspells. You want to look professional at all times.


Once you’ve published your blog, share it on all your social media channels.

If you send out a newsletter, use your blogs in it. Not everyone on your email mailing list will read your blog on your website, so don’t worry about resharing it.

You can also add a link to your blog page in your email signature. Everyone who receives an email from you will be able to visit your blog page.

Are you ready to start blogging for your business?

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