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There are over 366 million domain names registered in the world, with thousands more registered every day. This means that the best domain names are already taken. And, someone may be looking to use the same domain name you want to use.

Be concise

Your domain can be as long as 63 characters, but don’t do that! It would make your domain name hard to type and to remember.

Your domain name should ideally be between 3 to 12 characters long.

Make it easy to use

Unconventional names are easy to misspell, mispronounce, and definitely easy to forget. When you start brainstorming domain name ideas, avoid words that are frequently mispronounced or misspelled.

Try to avoid abbreviations and words that can be spelled many different ways, such as “3” or “three.”

Register early

It’s important to register your domain name as soon as you choose your business name. By securing your domain, you’re ensuring that no one else can use it. Buy your domain name even if you don’t plan on putting up a website for a year or so. The cost of the domain is minimal, usually under $25 a year. It’s worth it to have your domain ready to use when you do decide to have a website built.

Stay on brand

Your domain should reflect your brand. Ideally, it should include your business name plus a keyword to optimize searchability.

If you need assistance with your domain name, contact Blue Lilac Marketing Group. We’re here to help!

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