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A logo is a symbol that represents your brand’s purpose and goals. It lives on all your printed products, business cards, social media channels, merchandise, and on your website. It is your most visible and valuable brand asset.

To stand out in your industry, you need a logo for your small business. Effective logos foster brand association and lead to trust and loyalty.

To have a great logo created for your business doesn’t have to break the bank, but it will cost you between $500 to $1000, depending on who you hire to create it.

Hire an experienced designer

An experienced designer can not only create a logo for your, but also a complete brand identity. A skilled designer will provide several versions of your logo design and high-quality image files for the final product. These are yours to keep and use as needed.

Logo Package

Every completed logo package should include:

· A vector file: this type of file is used for putting your logo on clothing, for example. It can also be used for large versions of your logo, such as a billboard.

· Transparent PNG: In this file, your logo has a transparent background. This is useful when putting your logo design onto colored backgrounds on websites or packaging.

· Logo variations: You should also receive your logo in vertical and horizontal orientation. You should also get a black and white version.

· Style guide: Like the rest of your brand assets, it’s important to define guidelines for the look and use of your logo to maintain consistency across all branding assets and platforms—whether for internal or external purposes. This can include sizing, spacing, color, typeface and any other relevant information.

If you’re looking to have a fabulous logo created for your business, reach out to Blue Lilac Marketing Group at (585) 269-8193 and talk with Mary!

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