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Keeping your followers engaged on Instagram will ensure they stay with you. Bringing in new followers will grow your brand.

Put your audience first

Think about your followers and their needs. What problems do they have and how can you solve them? Answer their questions and provide value to them. They will follow you if you provide value. If you’re a clothing boutique, showing a line of customers at the shop on every post is boring, monotonous, and self-centered. Offer a video on different ways to tie a scarf or how to accessorize the new clothes in your shop. That’s value.

Be social

The social part of social media is talking to your audience. Reply to every comment and direct message you get. By responding personally, you’re showing your audience that you’re authentic. This personal messaging is another way to give value to your audience.

Connect with non-followers

Gain new followers by connecting with people who don’t follow you but might be interested in your business. You can find these potential followers thought hashtags, locations, and recommended accounts. Comment on their content and share value by answering their questions.

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