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Promoting your blog is key to getting it out to a larger audience. You may blog to establish yourself as an expert in your field, to drive traffic to your website, to increase your website’s SEO, or to engage with your audience.

Naturally, you want more eyes on your blog posts. Who doesn’t?

Here are some tips that will help get your blog noticed.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to share your blog posts. Whatever social media platforms you use, make sure your blogs have a place on them.

You can share a few sentences from your blog with a link back to your website so people can continue reading your post. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are all great social media platforms you can use, just make sure your customers are on the platform you’re using.

Share with communities

Are you a part of a Facebook Group or a LinkedIn group? Share your blog posts with these groups. If you’re in a community that is relevant for you, you’ll be targeting quality readers who share your interest in a particular topic.

If you do share in a community, be sure to participate in the group by engaging with other people’s posts. Don’t spam the group. Post sparingly and be sure what you’re sharing is of value to the group.

Email Signature

Promote your blog through your email signature. Have a link to your blog as part of your signature so everyone can easily access it.


Don’t be afraid of trying vlogging – video blogging. You can create a powerful presence on YouTube. Set up a place where you can record a blog. The background should be clutter-free so it doesn’t distract from your message. Recording with your smartphone is easy. If you make a mistake when speaking (it happens to all us of us!), just delete and start over. Upload your video to YouTube and publish it.

Posting the videos on your website also helps raise it in search rankings. Win-win!

Guest Blog

Offer to write a blog for a business in your industry that doesn’t do what you do. Let them guest blog on your blog too.

Your blog will reach an audience in your target market that you may not have been able to reach.


Send your customers and potential customers a newsletter. Your newsletter can be monthly or quarterly, whatever works best for you. For articles, use your blog posts.

What tips will you use to get your blog noticed?

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