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With the new year starting, are you thinking about ordering promotional products that you can hand out at a trade show or give to potential customers at meetings? The right promotional items that represent your brand are what you should look for.


Before you even start looking at promotion items, know how much you want to spend on your branded promotional item. By setting a budget, you will not spend more than you can afford. Some products are really cool but expensive. If you know they are outside your budget, move on and look at items in your budget.

Your budget for promotional items includes not only the item but design, set-up, printing, and delivery costs. Read all the fine print before you order any item.

Choose items your audience will want

When you’re thinking about the promotional items you’d like to purchase, you need to think about your audience. Will they want what you’re handing out? Are they useful? Whatever promotional product you decide upon, you want one that your audience will want to keep and use after they have been given it.

Blue Lilac Marketing Group has sticky note squares that are branded with our logo that we love handing out. Our clients keep them at their desk. Hopefully, these keep us top of mind with them!

What are your competitors doing?

Check out what your competitors are doing? You obviously don’t want to copy exactly what they are doing, but you’ll see if the item is well-liked or not. This research may give you an idea of the types of promotions items your audience likes.

Work with a designer

Having a professional designer assist you with creating a design for your promotional item can make it go from just ‘okay’ to ‘wow!’ It may cost a little more, but you’ll end up with a better promotional product in the end.

Since designers work with a lot of promotional companies, they may even know a vendor where you can get a better price for your promotional item.

Start looking now for the perfect promotional items for your small business in 2021!

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