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Email marketing is a great, low-cost way to reach a lot of people at one time. No need to get fancy stationery printed, have envelopes with your logo, or pay for postage! Because it is so cost-efficient, your competition is probably using email to reach prospective customers.

Everybody is emailing discounts and specials every day…sometimes several times a day! How do you make your message stand out from all the others in your target audience’s inbox?

Here are some tips to help your next email marketing campaign get better results.

Subject line

Be creative in your subject line. What you put in the subject line must make the recipient want to open your email to read or learn more. Spend time coming up with 30 to 50 character subject lines that grab attention.

Include images

Sending out an email that is text only will underwhelm your audience. Include a good balance of images to text so your reader can see what you’re writing about.

Include an Unsubscribe link

Always have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email so recipients who don’t want to receive your emails can be removed from your email list.

There are many reasons people want off an email list. Since they no longer need your product or service, remove them from your list and move on.

Don’t send too many emails

Don’t fill up your audiences’ inbox with your promotional emails. People will start to feel you are spamming them.

Respect your email list’s time by sending out one or two emails a week.

Test what works

Target audiences differ for each business. Test to see what works best for your audience. Try emailing at different times of the day and different days of the week to see when your audience is most responsive. Tweaking your approach will get you the best results.

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