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Images on your website and in your social media posts attract attention and help tell your brand story.

Whether you take your own pictures or you purchase images, editing images is something you want to be able to do….without breaking the bank!

Some photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom are expensive and require training and skill.

Instead of expensive software, how about some free photo editing software?


This software is great for quick, creative edits for online sharing. It’s user-friendly so you’ll get great images to share on social media!

Features include hundreds of filters, blur effects, creative frames, textures, tone sliders, preset creation, and automatic online sharing capabilities.

The free software is only available for Windows and iOS mobile devices, however, the premium version of the software is also available for Mac computers

Pixlr X

This photo editing software is a great software for beginners to use.

Their one-click tools will cover all your basic editing needs. This works best on a desktop. A premium version is available starting at $7.99/month.


Paint.Net is great for beginners to use and it offers high-quality results. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use a program, this software is great for inexperienced users and runs on computers and notebooks.

It offers a wide array of photo editing tools including brightness, contrast, hue, curves, levels, layers, gradients, and unlimited un-dos.

PhotoScape X

This software is great for newbie users looking for impressive features.

The software contains thousands of filters, frames, brushes, shape crops, smart cut out tools, a color picker, and clone stamps. The paid version is $39.99.

Are you ready to make your pictures look amazing?

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