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As you might know, we at Blue Lilac Marketing Group design and build websites for our clients. Sometimes it’s a site for a startup company that never had a website. Other times, companies see their sites are old and clunky, in need of an update.

When you’re looking to build a new site for your business, there are some website design ideas that may seem like a good idea, but believe me, they’re not! Here’s what to avoid on your website so visitors don’t leave your site but want to learn more about you and your offerings.

Too many fonts

There are so many cool fonts available to use nowadays. Resist the urge to use them all on your site!

Your visitors will thank you if you only use two or three different fonts. Try using a bold font for your page titles and an easy-to-read font for the bulk of your content. The easiest to read fonts are Sans Serif fonts.

Make sure the fonts you use align with your overall branding.

Too many call-to-actions

Having a call-to-action on your website is a necessity. You want to tell your visitors what to do next – sign up for your newsletter, make an appointment, make a purchase. But don’t ask your website visitors to do everything. The more choices people get, the less likely they are to take any action!

Have one, clear call-to-action on your home page that visitors can easily complete in a minimum number of clicks.

Too many keywords

Using the right keywords on your website helps raise your site in online searches and gets you found. But using your keywords too many times on your site is known as keyword stuffing and Google frowns upon that. If they think you’re keyword stuffing, your site will rank lower in search results.

Use your keywords naturally throughout your content. Google likes great content and that will help raise you in search rankings.

Don’t use professional looking images

Using your own photos on your website makes your business look authentic. So naturally, you want to use your own pictures over stock photos, but make sure the photos look professional. Blurry or out of focus images will give visitors the impression that you’re not a serious business. Invest money and time in getting great shots of your products, business, and team members so your website has a professional look.

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