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Social media is the perfect place for small businesses to attract leads, increase sales, and get the message out about your brand.

To attract your audience, your brand’s social media should appeal to them visually and through your content.

Which Platforms?

There are so many social media platforms to choose from. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more! Don’t try to do them all.

Learn which social media platforms your target audience is on and jump in. Pick one or two channels that your target audience is on and do those well.

Your Competition

Take some time to check out what your competition is doing on social media. Get inspired by their posts that perform well, but don’t copy them. Be original and true to your brand.

Know Your Brand

Before you start on any social media platform, know your brand. What are your values and what is your message? Have your branding defined before you start.

Now you are ready to start writing your social media posts and creating amazing visuals to accompany them!

Need help with any of these steps? Contact Blue Lilac Marketing Group!

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