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Branding isn’t marketing.

Branding is who your business is, how you want to present your business, and what your business’ overall goals are. What is your value add? How is your business different from other similar businesses?

Marketing is taking your brand out into the world and trying to sell your product or service. It’s the tactical actions – posting on social media, public relations, advertising.

You need to build your brand first and your brand will influence all your marketing efforts.

What is Your Brand?

While some people know the kind of brand they want to create, others need to work with a marketing expert to help develop their brand.

Working with experts who are objective about your company will lead you in the right direction.

Take Your Time

It takes time to get comfortable with all aspects of your brand, from your colors to your font to your logo.

As a small business owner, you also need to know what makes you unique so you can carve out your niche in your market.

Most importantly, you must determine what our purpose is. Why are you starting this business? What is your vision?

Put a lot of thought into your brand before you launch your business. Getting it right from the start will help you market and grow your business successfully.

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