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There are many ways to write a blog. Get out of the blogging rut you’re in and give these a try!

The List

I’m sure you’ve seen these list-style posts on sites like Buzzfeed. This type of post is formatted as a numbered list that is easy to read.


A how-to post teaches your readers how to do something. Be sure to answer your readers’ main questions in this type of post.

Comparison post

This type of post is a side-by-side comparison of two things, usually products. It’s a great way to compare your product to your competitor’s.

“What is” post

“What is” posts answer questions like “what is a blog?” Don’t take the easy way out and answer the question with just one sentence. Expand your answer to include examples, uses, and even other commonly asked questions.

Case study

A case study is an in-depth look at how you helped your client. What was their problem and how did you solve it? This type of post also includes testimonials and showcases your company’s value and work.

Product showcase blog

Use your blog to highlight your new products and show readers how it can be used.

What not to do post

This type of post is where you can highlight things your readers shouldn’t be doing.

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