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Entrepreneurs and small business owners know how costly it is to win new business. It takes a lot of time, energy, and sometimes, money.

Instead of going out and finding new customers over and over again, we recommend implementing a customer referral program.

As marketers, we’ve implemented and executed many customer referral programs when we worked in the corporate world. And we’ve seen them work. Currently, we’re in the process of creating one for a client.

Having a referral program in place is a cost-effective way to get referrals from current customers.

Reward Your Customers

A referral program that we’ve used successfully is one that rewards your customers who refer business to you.

Since you know your customers, offer them a reward they will want. This might be a discount on their next purchase, access to a service or good that other users don’t get, a gift card, or even a book. It doesn’t have to be an expensive reward, but it must be something your customer will find useful. You can even offer the same reward to the referee.

Make it Easy to Participate

Share that you have a referral program on your website. If you have any terms and conditions of participation, make sure they’re clear and simple and also on your website. This information will make your customers feel at ease about your referral program.

Make it easy for customers to sign up and participate. Have a form on your website where they can share all the information you need and want.

You probably already have some really happy customers. Turn them into referral champions who refer your business over and over again!

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