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Blogging shows your readers that you are an expert in your industry. Here are some blogging tips that will make your blogs stand out and attract readers.

Have a strong title

Hook your readers with an engaging title. Give them an overall idea of what they can expect in your blog post.

You can include your search terms in the title too to help boost your SEO (search engine optimization) and gain more traffic to both your website and blog post. Use subheaders

Most readers want to skim a blog to get the parts they are most interested in. Subheaders make it easy and quick for them to find what they are looking for.

Keep paragraphs short

To keep your blog skimmable, you want to make sure your paragraphs aren’t too long. Break up your paragraphs so most of them don’t take up more than four lines on a page. This creates a lot of white space on the page which is pleasing to the eye.

A lot of dense text will turn off readers, so your great information won’t be read.

Use bullet points

Bullet points draw the reader’s eye to bite-sized bits of information that they can easily read through quickly.

Here are some reasons you should use bullet points:

· Adds more white space

· Stands out from the rest of the text

· Makes concepts more digestible

So, instead of putting all this information into a longer paragraph, you can give your readers a quicker way to get the information they want.


There are so many fonts to choose from, but don’t get too creative with your blog font. Stick to the san-serif font family. They are easy to read. Most of the fancy fonts will turn off readers since they can be difficult to read.

Also check the size of the font you are using. Make sure the size you use looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. If the font is too small, people will want to avoid eye strain and not read your post. If it’s too large, it can look like you’re yelling at your audience.

Bold text for emphasis

If your blog contains something you really want the reader to remember or take away, bold it. Bolding text allows readers to quickly find key information when they are skimming the blog.

Use the bolding sparingly. Just bold the parts that are the most important.

Include relevant links

Adding links not only helps your SEO, but it shows your readers where they can go for more information.

The hyperlinks stand out since they are usually in a different color.

Links to your other blog posts or website pages are a great way to promote other posts or products you want to highlight.

Include images

You will increase your views by 94% when you add photos or images to your blog post. Adding charts or graphs, when appropriate, can help explain your content.

Always start your blog with a featured image that is captivating. Adding additional images throughout the text can also help tell your story.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

What do you want your reader to do? That’s what a Call-to-Action is.

Insert a button, with a different font and color, at the end of your blog post that lets your readers know what action they should take.

Are you ready to take your blogging up a notch?

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