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Sharing your content in multiple ways with your audience can be fun and challenging at the same time. Sometimes, you’re just not feeling creative. That may be a time you decide to recycle old content into a different format. Or you try one of these content ideas….

Turn a blog post into a video

Videos usually get better engagement than traditional posts, so give this a try. By pulling key ideas and data from a blog post, you can easily turn a blog into several short videos to share on your social media channels.

Interview someone (live)

Using Facebook Live, try interviewing someone. It could be a colleague, customer or industry expert. Your followers will enjoy learning from someone different.

Create a chart or graph

Do you have metrics that your followers would find interesting? Share them on social media in a chart or graph. Your followers can quickly learn about your key findings just by looking at the chart.

Hold a social contest

Is your business having an anniversary? Are you launching a new product? Give away some company sway through a social contest to celebrate.

These types of posts tend to generate a lot of engagement.

You can invite your followers to participate by doing commenting, tagging a friend, sharing the post, or using a hashtag in their tweet.

Ask a question or for help

People love helping others, especially the people or brands they love.

Ask your followers for feedback or suggestions on something you’re working on.

Share or retweet your followers’ posts

Share or retweet your followers’ posts on your own timeline. It shows your appreciation for them mentioning you or sharing your post.

What other ways do you use to share your content on social media?

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