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Are you struggling with what to post? Here are some post ideas to inspire your creativity and help increase your engagement.

1. Talk about one thing you love about your niche.

2. Talk about a recent win in your business.

3. Share why you chose your business name.

4. Highlight a new product or service in your business.

5. Do a mock unboxing of your physical product.

6. Talk about one thing you’d change about your industry or niche.

7. Share 3 myths about your industry or niche.

8. Share your story about how your business got started.

9. Talk about how long it takes you to create/make your produce.

10. Share a day in the life of your business.

11. Talk about something you’ll do differently next year.

12. Start a countdown to a product launch, sale, or event.

13. Share your mission statement.

14. Ask your audience what they love about your niche/industry.

15. Talk about why you’re different from other brands in your niche.

16. Give a shoutout to another brand you admire.

17. Share a coupon that is only for your social media followers.

18. Share a customer testimonial or case study.

19. Share an interesting statistic related to your industry.

20. Talk about a new skill you want to learn or master.

21. Share photos of your workspace or store.

22. Share why you’re passionate about what you do.

23. Share 3 ways your customers can overcome a specific pain point.

24. Share a hack that’s related to your industry.

25. Describe yourself in 3 words. Ask your audience to do the same.

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