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Tchotchkes, or swag, or giveaways – call them what you will, but most small businesses invest in these items. Giveaways are considered items that will make a lasting impression and eventually turn a prospect into a customer.

Get the most bang for your buck

It’s easy to overspend on giveaways. Who hasn’t flipped through a promotional products catalog and thought that some new shiny gadget would impress potential customers, only to discover that the item cost way more than you originally planned to spend?

Here’s a tip to selecting giveaways and staying in budget: determine how much you want to spend, divide that amount by the number of items you need. Your result is the cost-per-unit price you can afford.

You also need to factor in setup and shipping charges when calculating how much you can spend per unit.

Avoid trendy items

Instead of following the trends and giving away something that everyone else is giving away, consider opting for a giveaway that stands apart. You’re looking to make a lasting impression. An unexpected and useful item will be used and remembered longer than just another trendy tchotchke.

Aim for longevity

Admit it, you know that your giveaway isn’t going to sell your products or services. However, if your giveaway is desirable enough for the recipient to hold onto it and use it on a regular basis, by seeing your logo so often, your company will be top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

The trick is to offer a giveaway that resonates with your audience so they want to keep and use your item.

Are you planning to purchase a giveaway for your small business in 2020? What are you going to buy?

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