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Have you used Instagram Search? Instagram Search could be thought of as the Google of the social media world. It’s a very powerful tool that is used to discover posts, hashtags, locations, and even brands.

For your small businesses, securing your spot in Instagram’s search results will get more eyes on your posts and convert those viewers into followers.

How do you get your business discovered on Instagram Search? Here are some tips:

What is Instagram Search?

Found on the Explore page, Instagram Search is the directory to every Instagram account. Just like typing a search term into Google, you can use Instagram Search’s search bar on the top of the Explore page.

Instagram can categorize your search results by top results, accounts, hashtags, and places, making it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

How Instagram Search Works

Instagram’s algorithm looks at profiles and learns what, when, and where to reveal profiles in search results. Instagram says your search results are based on a variety of factors such as the people you follow, who you’re connected to, and what photos and videos you like. The app’s algorithm delivers not only the most accurate results but the more relevant results for you.

Instagram predicts what profiles you’re most likely to like and follow. What a powerful tool for getting your business in front of your target audience!

Improve Your Profile

To use Instagram Search to your advantage to grow your following, you need to improve your profile page.

First, optimize your Instagram name. The “Name” field in your Instagram bio is searchable, and completely customizable and separate from your Instagram handle. You can change it to keywords that highlight what your business is about.

By including important keywords in your Name field, you increase the chances of appearing in the top results of any searches using those keywords.

Just like your Name field, your bio should be optimized with keywords for your brand and business.

Add clickable hashtags to your bio to increase your chances of appearing not just in the search results for your account, but also if someone searches for the hashtag too.

This is not only a great way to let people know exactly what your brand is about, but also a prompt for Instagram to know when to display your business in search results.

Add Location Tags to Your Posts

By adding location tags to your posts, your posts have a higher likelihood of appearing in the search results of that location. When some taps on the Places tab on the Search page, your post may appear top of the grid depending on the popularity and timeliness of your post.

You increase your ability to get more views, engagement, and potential followers from your posts when you tag a location.

Use Hashtags in All Your Posts

Using hashtags in all your posts on Instagram is crucial. A post with at least one Instagram hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

You double your chances of being discovered when someone searches for a hashtag you’ve used because the results will appear both in the Top tab and the Tags tab.

Tagging all your posts with hashtags is extremely important if you have a branded hashtag for your business. If someone searches for your branded hashtag, there’s a strong chance it will appear in the search results, along with everyone else who is using your hashtag — giving your brand amazing exposure to new viewers who are interested in your brand.

Add Your Physical Location to Your Profile

If your business has a physical location, you can create your own location tag for your business.

This is great way to bring attention to your physical store on Instagram – which leads to more followers and more customers through your door.

Your business’ physical location will appear under the Places tab — drawing attention to both your Instagram profile and where people can find your business in real life.

Additionally, in the search results, Instagram also shows all your important business details like the full address (plus shows it on the map), open times, and a business phone.

When your business appears in more search results, you’ll see higher engagement and grow your followers.

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