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Is your business currently blogging? What are you writing about? Are you struggling with what to write about?

The purpose of blogging is for you to answer the questions your audience is asking.

I’d like to share some business topics with you that will hopefully inspire your next blogs.

‘Best Of’ Lists

We all know and love the ‘Top Ten’ lists that Jimmy Fallon shares on late-night TV. Those lists are compelling and funny.

You don’t have to be funny (you can, though, if you want!) but they are easy for your audience to read. People love rankings and seeing how they stack up against others.

Problems That Need Solutions Blogs

Each of our customers has a problem that we solve. Do you know what problems your audience has? They are looking for solutions and you have them.

Share customer stories about the problem your customer had and how you solved their problem. Add a quote from your satisfied customer about how happy they are now that they no longer have that problem. Case studies like this make great blogs as well as posts on your website.

Cost Blogs

We all want to know how much things cost before we purchase them. In business, we often need to know a cost so we can budget to buy this product or service for our company.

Have you ever searched for something online and not been able to get an answer? It’s frustrating!

Many companies don’t want to share their pricing. They’re afraid to.

Let your company stand out by being the one that answers this question. A blog about costs helps build trust with your audience.

How-to Blogs

Does your business have a YouTube channel? If not, create one (they’re free!). Start filming a series of how-to videos on how to use your products.

If your business is making and selling lovely silk scarves, shoot videos about different ways your audience can wear your scarves. Show them how to wear them with different outfits, tops, and for different seasons.

Post these videos to your website too!

Do any of these ideas inspire you to write (or film!) a blog post?

If you share the answers to your audience’s questions, they will view you as honest and trustworthy. You’re the kind of business they want to buy from.

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