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Collaborative marketing is the process of aligning your business’ interests, resources, and marketing with other like-minded companies to increase your leads, your social influence, and your brand awareness. And it’s very easy to do online!

To participate in collaborative marketing, all you need is a common purpose. Businesses come together with a common goal, audience, or common mission or interest. They join together in many different ways to create an influence and a presence that is greater than the sum of its parts.

How do you go about creating a successful marketing collaboration? Here are some things to do to set up a successful marketing collaboration.

Be strategic

Know what you want to achieve and have a clear idea of your goals before you approach another company for collaboration. You must spend some time determining your objectives.

Think like a customer

By keeping your customers at the heart of all your marketing decisions, you can find businesses to partner with. When you know what causes your customers care about and what other brands they are loyal to, you’ll be able to identify the businesses that your customers may already interact with as potential collaboration partners.

Build that relationship

Invest time in creating a strong relationship with your collaboration partner. Building that trust will make your partnership in collaborative marketing run smoothly.

Be open and honest from the start about your objective. Work together to create joint objectives from the start. Identify key measures that work for all involved in tracking success.

What cause, goal or interest do you have that would work well in promoting with another business? Will you try collaborative marketing?

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