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As a smart and savvy business owner, you’re using social media to promote your business. Do you measure your results? If not, you’re wasting your time! Too many small business owners don’t effectively measure their social media efforts.

There are some things you need to be tracking, such as which posts perform better than others and which type of content do your followers like best.

With 336 million people using Twitter every month, what is the best way to get the results you want from this platform?

Set goals

What are your goals for using Twitter? Do you want people to visit your website? Do you want them to fill out a form for a free 1-hour consultation?

Only when you have set goals can you effectively calculate your ROI (return on investment).

Twitter Analytics

Get to know Twitter Analytics. You can find statistics on your audience demographics and engagement rate there. You can also track the number of interactions with your hashtags – how many people like, share, comment or retweet your content – to see how well a particular hashtag is performing.

If you’ve posted a video, you can see how people are interacting with it. Are they watching the entire video? Are they sharing it? According to Hootsuite, tweets with video get ten times more engagement than tweets without video.


It takes time to discover usable stats from your Twitter analytics. Know that going in and keep tracking your posts.

Get familiar with your analytics and continue to focus on your marketing efforts to get the most out of Twitter for your business.

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