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Posting on a regular basis to Instagram (or any social media platform!) is a good way to build your following. Keep your posts interesting by posting different types of content. This way your audience will stay engaged and grow.

Here are some post ideas to help grow your Instagram following.

Show a Day in the Life

Letting your followers see what a day in your life at work looks like can be interesting. Post pictures and content at different times during the day to share what you’re doing as it relates to your business and your audience.

Give a Sneak Peek

Will you soon be offering a new product or service? Share a sneak peek about it.

Go Live

Take time to go live every day. Use this time to share a tip or news that would be a value to your audience.

Conduct a Poll

Did you know you can conduct a poll on Instagram? It’s a great way to find out what your audience is thinking. Polls should be short to keep people engaged.

Hold a Launch Countdown

Are you launching a new product or holding an event? Use Instagram to do a countdown for the launch. This is a fun and different way to get people excited about your new product or event.

Remember to include a call to action in your posts. Your audience wants and needs to be told what to do next. Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to register for your event?

The more reasons you can find to post, the better you will do in growing your followers.

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