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A while ago, I wrote a blog, How To Create an Amazing Facebook Cover Photo, in which I mentioned using some great tools to create your Facebook cover photo. I recently came across another tool that I want to share with you because it’s so unique!

The tools I talked about in my blog post, Canva, Picscatter, and Timeline Cover Banner, are all great tools. I use them often. But my new discovery allows me to create customized video Facebook covers! How cool is that?

What’s my new discovery? It’s called Design Wizard.

This robust tool not only creates cool video Facebook covers, but if you’re exploring YouTube as a marketing tool, there are some great design tools designed for YouTube videos.

I’m loving all the design options available to users! Need to create a cool cover for your CD? There are many really awesome templates to choose from that you can customize to your brand. Writing a book and need a Kindle book cover? They have templates to choose from for book covers too. Plus so much more to use in your branded marketing!

Pricing is comparable to other design tools available. $89 a year to $899 a year – depending on your business’ needs. There is a free version where you can use the tool for free but pay $1 for each of your finished designs. The only drawback to the free version is that most of the really cool templates are only available on the paid version. Not that the free templates are bad, just that there are more paid templates and they’re really cool!

I can’t wait to start using Design Wizard for my own business as well as for some of my clients’ Facebook covers! Check them out and get inspired to update your Facebook cover!


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