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Having a Facebook Business page allows your clients and potential clients to more easily find you online. You can keep them aware of sales, events, new employees, or other exciting information on your Facebook Business Page. You can also share content that is of value to your audience, either original content or shared links.

When setting up your Facebook Business Page, there are a few things you need to do.

Write a great ‘About’ description

The ‘About’ section on your Facebook Business Page is where you can write a brief description of what you offer and why you’re the best in your field. Your text needs to be short, to-the-point, and inspiring. Include your contact information, your business address, if relevant, and a link to your website.

This section is often visited by those looking for more information about your business.

Choose the perfect username

Facebook allows you to choose a username for your Business Page. This name becomes your page’s URL.

Having a unique Facebook username makes it easy for fans to find you on Facebook and your page is easily recognizable among all the search results that show up.

Your fans will use your page user name when they want to tag you in a post or comment.

Post immediately

Once your page is live, it’s time to get to work! Before you even create your page, you should have some content prepared in advance so you can start posting right away.

You don’t want first-time visitors seeing an empty page. Post at least three posts when you start out. Start with a “Welcome” post which introduces your brand to the Facebook community.

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