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Facebook is an important marketing platform for small businesses. As the world’s largest social network, Facebook offers many ways for you to promote your business online.

Facebook Business Page

Do you have a Facebook Business Page set up for your business? Your personal page should be just that – personal. That’s the page where you can post about your kids or grandkids, share your latest dinner creation, or that night out drinking with your friends. Your customers, vendors, and potential customers don’t need to see all this personal information about you. So, you need to set up a Business Page.

A Business Page represents your company. Followers can ‘Like’ your page without you having to do anything, unlike your personal page where you have to accept a ‘Friend Request.’

What can you do on a Facebook Business Page?

Your Business Page should engage your target audience and strengthen your brand online. To achieve these goals, Facebook gives you special tools that are not available on a personal page, such as:

  • Ability to schedule posts

  • Allow multiple admins and editors to manage the Page

  • Collect and display reviews from customers

  • Create ads and promote posts (for a fee)

  • Analyze your Page’s activity and track the success of your posts

What to post to stand out from your competition

Before you start posting, you should determine who your target audience is. Learn how they use social media and what types of posts they prefer (video, linked, images). Take a look at your competitors’ Facebook Business Pages to see what they’re posting and which posts seem to be getting a lot of ‘likes.’ This research can help answer some of these questions for you.

Don’t underestimate the power of great images on Facebook. Have a stand-out cover photo that grabs a viewer’s attention. If you have products, invest in professional photos of your products. They will certainly look better on social media and you can use them on your website.

Video is king on social media. Used video content to capture your followers’ attention. What type of video content could you use? Demonstrate how your products work, share tips and recommendations, give a behind-the-scene look at your office, factory, or warehouse, or interview happy customers.

Engaging and informative content is the number one feature that will attract people to your page. And remember to be social on social media! Respond to post comments and questions. Yes, it takes some time, but it builds your community.

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