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A mission statement is the formal summary of your company’s aims and values. It can be a powerful tool in acquiring clients. Many companies struggle to write the perfect one.

A mission statement is the ‘why’ you do what you do in one to two sentences. It should contain four key elements – Value, Inspiration, Plausibility, and Specificity. With these elements, readers (employees and clients) will understand the nature of your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Mission Statement

A mission statement acts as a guiding statement for your strategic business decision. It’s an easy reminder of the values you embody as a company and the vision you are pursuing.

Your mission statement is also critical to your brand identity. Your mission statement tells the world who you are and what you do and explains why your company is the one they should choose to do business with.

Writing Your Powerful Mission Statement

If you don’t have or feel you need to update your company’s mission statement, let’s write one.

You need to ask yourself some questions. What does your business do? How do you do it and why? These questions will help you clarify the value you offer and remind you of the reason you started your company.

Next, look at the words you used to answer these questions. Are they powerful enough? What words or phrases convey your message best and truly reflect your brand?

Your mission statement should only be one or two sentences. Not run-on sentences that are a paragraph long. Short. Concise. To the point.

Refine your statements by checking back on the four key elements that your mission statement should contain - Value, Inspiration, Plausibility, and Specificity. Cut out unnecessary words.

Where to Use Your Mission Statement

Once you have your mission statement written, where should you use it? Print it out and proudly display it in your office to inspire you and your employees.

Your mission statement can be used in your marketing materials. It can be used in your brochure and other printed collateral. It should definitely be on your website.

Consider using it in the ‘About’ sections of your social media channels. You can even share it as a post on social media.

Are you ready to create your mission statement?

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