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When it comes to sharing your knowledge about your industry, one of the best ways to do it is by blogging. By sharing your expertise, you are seen as an authority in your field.

Another benefit of having a blog is improved SEO (search engine optimization). Regular new content on your website raises you in online searches. Who doesn’t want their business’ website to be on page 1 of a search result?

Getting readers to your blog can be challenging when starting out. By sharing your blog, you can gain new readers, increase your visibility, and create a following. Here are some tips for using your Facebook Page to promote your blog.

Post to Facebook Groups

Get your blog in front of more eyes than just your page’s followers. Find and join Facebook groups that are related to your industry. These pages are where your customers hang out. Share your expertise on these pages.

Used a Captivating Image

People scroll through their Facebook News Feed so fast. You need to grab their attention. A great photo will often make them stop scrolling and read your post. Your image must relate to your blog topic so don’t use a picture of puppies when you’re writing about lean six sigma tips.

Be Social

This is the social part of social media. When your readers post comments or ask questions, you must respond.

To increase engagement, you can ask a question at the end of your blog. Your readers may very well respond. If they do, you must respond back, even if it’s just to say ‘thank you.’ The more engagement you have on Facebook can turn into more eyes on your blog post.

Are you ready to share your blogs on Facebook?

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