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Having a YouTube channel is a great way for small businesses to potentially reach their audience. This awesome video platform is a great way to share your brand’s voice with the world.

Here are some steps to take in order to become successful on YouTube:

What does success mean to your business?

Remember, for social media, the plan is to have it drive traffic to your website so visitors can learn more about you and your products or services.

Success on YouTube can be increase traffic to your website. Or, it can be a higher view count for your videos, more subscribers, or just an increase in engagement on your channel. comes in different forms, and it’s up to you to determine where you consider yourself successful.

Create great content

On YouTube, there is a lot of videos with good content and a lot more with terrible content. You want your videos, your message, to stand out. Tod do this, you need to have a plan.

As the business owner, you’re building your brand’s personality. The best and easiest way to develop your channel is to be yourself. Be fun, be funny (if that’s appropriate for your industry), and be authentic.

Create content that covers trending topics in your industry. Stay relevant. Read industry related articles and give your opinion on the subject.

Complete your profile

YouTube, like all other social media platforms, offers you a space to describe your business….who you are and what you do. Fill this information in completely. Include a link to your website. If you have a store, include the hours you are open.

Don’t forget to include a great profile photo and channel banner image. These should be the same as all your other social media channels so when someone visits your Facebook page and your YouTube page, they know they’re at the same business’ pages.

Yes, include SEO!

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It’s owned by Google. SEO (search engine optimization) is important on this social media platform. People search it a lot to discover new content. Which means that, by choosing the right keywords, you’ll have a better chance to be found.

Research the keywords your competition is using. Come up with words that potential viewers would use to search for your videos.

Post regularly

To be successful on any social media platform, you must be consistent in your posting.

Set a schedule that works for you for releasing your videos and stick to it. By consistently releasing your videos on the same day and time you tell your audience when they can expect your new video.

Are you ready to showcase your videos online?

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