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Do you tweet? Do you have a Facebook Page for your business? You might be on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

However, whichever social media platform are on, there are some basic social media marketing etiquette tips that will help your interactions be more engaging and professional.

Stop Using Automated Messages

Do your fans receive an automated response for your Facebook page when they message you? Do new followers on Twitter receive an automated DM from you? It doesn’t feel very personal or friendly.

Social media marketing helps you leverage the power of an engaged and active community. So you should behave the same way. Take the time to personally welcome your new followers. A personal message will go a long way in making them loyal to your brand.


Share content on all your social media platforms. Of course, post original content. That shows you as an expert in your field. But feel free to share other content too. Curate interesting articles and share generously,

Be Responsive and Be Social

This is the ‘social’ part of social media. If your followers ask questions, don’t ignore them. No one likes to be ignored. Respond and answer their questions with honest responses.

You can build a loyal and engage following for your brand with social media, especially if you treat your followers with respect and are responsive.

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