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Many small businesses think that only larger companies have and use case studies. True, not many small businesses use these great tools, but let’s talk about changing that for your small business.

What are case studies?

Where can you brag about yourself and come off looking good? With case studies!

Case studies showcase your success stories. They are someplace where you can talk about your business offerings and tell your story without sounding too sales-y.

What goes into a case study

Case studies tell a story. They are about how you helped solve a problem or fixed an issue for one of your clients. A case study talks about the client’s issue, how you solved it, what the results were, and how happy or satisfied your client is. If you have any statistics to share, such as an increase in sales, use them in the story.

Weave together a story of what your small business can do. Potential customers may see themselves in your case study client’s situation and turn to you for help.

How to create case studies

Writing a good case study takes time. You need to gather all the information and interview not only the client but the project lead. Tell a story from start to finish – what the problem was, how you solved it, and how happy the client is.

Stand out

Because most small businesses aren’t doing case studies, your small business can stand out from the competition by having case studies in your marketing arsenal.

Clients that see case studies may be more inclined to work with you because you have demonstrated what you can do and how you do it.

Yes, creating case studies is one more marketing thing on your plate, but you’ll be so happy you wrote them. Case studies are definitely worth the time and effort to create because they give your business a serious credibility boost.

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